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Local people working with the Community to improve the village of Wallyford

Community Councils were set up as a result of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 Part IV. Community Councils have an important role to play as the most local community based tier of elected representation provided for In statute. Wallyford Community Council is one of them.

The general purpose of a community council, which represents a full cross section of the community shall be to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to the local authority, the views, in relation to matters for which those authorities are responsible, and to take such action in the interests of that community as appears to it to be expedient and practicable.

In Wallyford there are strong links between the Community Council, Local Councillors and East Lothian Council, which is essential in achieving these objectives for our community. There are also very strong links with other local organisations within the community. Over the last few years one of our objectives has been to bring the people in the community more closely together in local activities. One of our main successes in doing this, is for example the switching on of the Christmas Lights.

A strong working partnership with the local police has been established which is important for our safety in the community. Local crime figures are reported to us on a regular basis along with any particular crime prevention information that needs to be passed on to the community. We have financially supported many local groups in the community and have successfully completed several valuable projects in Wallyford. One project we are particularly proud of is our mining memorial situated at the foot of Saint Clements.

All these successes could not be done without the financial support given by East Lothian Council. These are just some examples of what we are involved with. Our main objective is to support the community in ensuring that the best possible service and facilities is received from the Local Authority.

If you have an issue which you may think the community council can help or support with, you can contact the community councillor and discuss the matter with them or alternatively come along to one of our meetings which are held in Wallyford Community Centre on the last Wednesday of every month with the exception of July and December..

Who we are

Chairperson Elaine Di Troia

Vice Chair Alister Hadden

Treasurer Beryl Stevenson

Secretary Janet Bourhill

Committee Member Liz Hughes

Committee Member Tam Hughes

Contact details for Janet Bourhill 0131 665 9236